Symbol Hotshot LS4004-I Barcode Scanner + Standard
Symbol Hotshot LS4004-I Barcode Scanner + Standard

Symbol LS4004-I Barcode Scanner - Serieel Hand-Held Barcode Scanner + Standaard Merk: SymbolModel: LS 4004IConditie: Occasion Aansluiting: SerieelKleur: GrijsDraadloos: NEE

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Symbol LS4004i Handheld Laser Bar Code Scanner
The Symbol LS4004i delivers superior bar code scanning performance with maximum comfort! The LS4004i incorporates a 650 nm laser that provides a bright scan line ensuring easy aiming even in high ambient light conditions.

Product Specifications :
Hand held laser scanner
Ergonomic design
Two-finger trigger
Rugged construction
650nm laser diode
Flash memory
Scan rate of: 100 scans per second (approximate)
For 1-D scanning
Ideal for applications such as UPC or WAN/JAN bar codes
Adaptive Logic electronics