Denso GT10Q-SR - 2D Barcode Scanner
Denso GT10Q-SR - 2D Barcode Scanner
Denso GT10Q-SR - 2D Barcode ScannerDesktop Barcode Scanner met Standaard Model: GT10Q-SR Conditie: Occasion Scans 1 en 2d barcodes Aansluiting: Serieel RS-232Kleur: ZwartDraadloos: NEE Inclusief Voedi
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Industrial Handheld Barcode Scanner; Serial 2D Code Barcode & Image scan
Denso GT 10 is a new generation of high performance CCD Barcode Scanners, designed to outperform most standard Laser scanners.

Created in a lightweight, pistol grip style, with a 3 colour Red/Green/Blue LED, beeper, vibrator, and a versatile Denso Magic Key, the GT 10 can be customised for many possible applications.

The Magic Key push button of the GT-10 can be programmed and used for picking and packing applications. The function of Master Data Verification verifies that the operator has selected the correct item. The Master Code Check feature is unique to this scanner, enabling you to insert a specific barcode for selection purposes.

Other modes include the tranmission of pre-programmed values upon selection. eg. prefix/suffix codes and retransmission of data.

The set-up and configuration of this scanner is easily done by printing out configuration bar codes, using the freely available Set-up Software.

Easy to pickup and use
Manual, auto or software trigger
Long range CCD scanning (upto 1.2m)
Fast reading and decoding
Ultra bright scanning beam
Advanced configuration software tool
Multi colour LED
Vibrate and beep functions
Programmable Magic key
High Durability - 2m Drop
Dust/Waterproof to IP54 rating
Optional 2D barcode reading
Twist & Lock Cables for easy replacement Standard