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MileServices Customer service is of paramount importance. Satisfied customers are the reason for our existence.

If you have questions about the specifications of a product you can use the article on our site a summary.

For user questions refer to the manual. Should you have any questions please, possibly through the article on our site, please contact the manufacturer.

For drivers and user guides (manuals), please refer to the site of the manufacturer.

For warranty claims or repairs, first, before returning goods, an RMA (Return of Materials Authorisation) to request one via e-mail ( Do not forget to mention the following information:

* The client information stated on the invoice.

* The order and invoice number and the delivery date.

* The article for which you request the RMA. The item number, description, serial number.

* A clear description of your warranty claim or repair. Indicate, if applicable, what software and version (both the system and application software) and the drivers (version) that the device works or is connected.

Once we receive your request we will send you the RMA number and instructions to your specified email address. Shipping costs are borne by the customer. If you have any comments or if your expectations were different than you are using an email to let us know. We will be there as soon as possible respond.


The above statement applies to the website of Mile Services. It reserves the right to it at any time to adjust. The above policies and statements are not intended as a contract and no rights can be derived from. For our conditions we refer to the Terms of Milservices, also on this site.