Mile Services take great care processing and delivery of your ordered products. Yet it can prevent things differently than you and we wish or expect. Therefore, the following rules apply to returns and claims for completeness please see the Terms Mile Services on this site to all our communications and agreements apply.

All information provided on this site is not intended as a substitute for professional advice. When without verification or further advice use the information provided you do so at your own risk and account


If you have complaints about the products supplied by Milestone Services you within 8 days after receipt motivated and description of the complaints by e-mail sign. You will receive an e-mail with how to act. After these 8 days will invalidate the possibility of advertising

DOA (Dead On Arrival)

Products that have received defective or not working correctly from the package will come as soon as possible and replace one another in accordance with the rules of the producer. You should do this as soon as possible and within 8 days of receipt via email attendance as defined in Claims.


Mile Services ensures that the delivered goods are free of design, material and workmanship for a period of 3 months after delivery of goods cars. 1 year money for new products.

The warranty does not cover: Products where this is explicitly stated.

Return of defective products

All defective products returned to Mile Services must have an RMA (Return Material Authorization) once you receive this number via e-mail report either of the defective product. Make sure the RMA number clearly visible on the outside of the box (address label). Products without a RMA will not be accepted.

Make sure the products are packed in original packaging including the supplied manuals, warranty cards, cables and other goods supplied and in case of warranty one copy of the invoice.

The products must be free and at your own risk Mile Services to be sent.

We strongly advise you to return the goods to be packed into an extra box. This could damage the original packaging can be avoided. Write the RMA number clearly on the outer carton, do not write the original product packaging.


The same rules apply to cancellations, fees and exclusions as for non-defective product returns as described below. Under a cancellation we mean the dissolution of the contract before the products are sent to you.

Returning non-defective products

It is your responsibility to you to ensure that the products you have ordered themselves and / or your products compatible. Mile Services accepts only if products are returned so has agreed and under the conditions determined by Mile Services. You can send your request to return products via an email to us. Clearly state your name and address, the product (s) and reason for return.

For returns we each product at least 20% restockings and administration with a minimum of € 20, = charge. Mile Services only accepts return products that are notified as such within 8 days after delivery and if they are writing you with this consent and received an RMA. To get this you must act promptly under Commercials indicated.

The returned products must be original and packed in the original packaging including all supplied such as manuals, software, warranty card, etc. (and should be blank).

For products whose packaging has been opened, we charge per item restocking fee in addition to an inspection fee of 20% with a minimum of € 20, =. Any missing items will be charged (with a minimum of € 20, =). The cost and risk of the goods to be returned to your account.

We recommend urgently to return goods to pack in an extra box. This could damage the original packaging can be avoided. Write the RMA number clearly on the outer carton, do not write on the packaging of the product. A damaged / out box is a reason not to accept the return.

Exclusions from right to return.

Software, supplies and products that typically "limited supply", "special orders" are explicitly excluded from the right of return. Defective software disks will be replaced by us.


The above statement applies to the website of Mile Services. It reserves the right to it at any time to adjust. The above policies and statements are not intended as a contract and no rights can be derived from. For our conditions we refer to the Terms of Services Mile, also on this site.